How it All Started . . .

2014 MEAC Wkshp Pic.png

It all started when...

The first MEAC workshop was held in October, 2014 and has become an annual training event. Workshop participants felt strongly that it is a good opportunity to meet with others in medical education to network and receive practical training to help them administer and improve the overall medical education experience. Many attendees suggested that it would be beneficial to have a formal organization to increase the opportunities, to maintain connections and learn from each other throughout the year. The development of a formal MEAC organization began in early 2016.

Our Mission:

Connect, educate, and inspire those who administer or coordinate undergraduate and graduate medical education programs.   Our purpose is to enhance professional development and inspire those in Medical Education; to advocate the development of quality Medical Education; to serve as a forum and resource for those in positions in Medical Education; and, to develop mutually beneficial partnerships to advance Medical Education.

Our Vision:

A sustainable association which provides opportunities for administrators and coordinators to foster professional excellence, network, and share best practices, contributing to 100% provider placement in Wisconsin.


meac board members